Commercial Building Inspections

Denver Commercial Building Inspections

Whether you’re buying a building, leasing, or just wondering about the condition of the one you’re in, there is no better investment than obtaining a professional and objective opinion of the building’s condition.


Denver Commercial Building Inspections are customized to meet our clients’ requirements. In some cases, a “bottom line” approach is called for, while in others, “chapter and verse” is more appropriate. Content and format are dictated by how the report is to be used and its intended audience.  Whatever the form, our reports are laid out in clear, concise language that outlines problems or potential trouble areas. Our reports can make specific recommendations, including repair costs and priorities.


Our commercial building inspections are designed to be in accordance with ASTM E 2018 professional standards. ASTM E 2018 Standard was designed by an international non-profit testing and assessment organization to provide basic property information for commercial structures.


Commercial Building Inspections Properties of all descriptions are evaluated including:

  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Office
  • Churches


Structures for commercial purposes like such as apartment buildings, multi-unit residences, duplexes, warehouse and light industrial, hotels, special purpose facilities (sports complexes and nursing homes) are projects that we have completed.


Different Situations Demand Different Inspections, For Example:

  • Pre-Purchase
  • Pre-Lease / Lease Inspection(Lessor or Lessee)
  • Re-Financing
  • Technical Audits of Buildings
  • Long Term Planning
  • Reserve Fund Study
  • Problem Resolution


Variables such as age, occupancy, and type of construction have a bearing on how the buildings are inspected and the performance criteria by which they are judged. Our clients’ needs dictate the degree of inspection and the specific issues to be addressed. Inspections can vary from an examination of the structure or roof only to a comprehensive inspection of all technical facets of the building, including:

  • Structure
  • Roofing
  • Major Mechanical Systems
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing

For a complete listing of items inspected and the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties, Click Here.


Depending on the specific property and scope of the inspection needed by the client, our company may handle the project ourselves or bring in specialists to lend their expertise to the project.


Reasons to Choose us for your Denver Commercial Building Inspections 

1. All our home inspectors that specialized in different areas of home inspection are licensed, highly trained and skilled to perform such service. This will guarantee our clients that what they can get is a professional service. They attended extensive training before getting into the job. They also upgrade their skills through continuing education.
2. We don’t rush our inspection. We take time and thoroughly inspect all the areas that need to be check, no areas will be left uninspected.
3. Our service is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our service, coordinate it with our licensed home inspector and he will make it right or don’t pay the home inspection fee.
4. We are experienced. We are in the home inspection industry for over 15 years and built our name over the years by the quality service we provide.


Purchasing a commercial property is a huge decision to make by any business owner, they’ll be spending an enormous amount to acquire a property and they’re expecting a good return in the future. Though maintenance expenses are unavoidable, it can be minimized if they hire a home inspection service to check the entire commercial property for defects and possible repair.

For your commercial building inspection or new building inspection in Denver and surrounding areas. Don’t hesitate to call us and be exempted from future unexpected expenses for repairs and replacement!

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