Denver Draw & Property Loss Inspections

Denver Draw & Property Loss Inspections - New Construction ImageDraw/Property Loss Inspections are very important to lenders, insurance companies, and homeowners.

Draw Inspections are aimed at provision of a review of the requested payment by the contractor. This service is directed towards evaluating the accuracy of the representations made in each item of the statement sworn by the contractor. In other words, draw inspection evaluates the accuracy of the draw request, stored materials on site and construction phase completion.


Property Loss Inspections on other hand are aimed at verification of loss of products and services. This is very useful information to insurance companies and the lending institutions. They help reduce the lenders risk and enhance a speedy draw process. This service generally leads to speeding up of repairs, document claims and audit compliance.


Why Choose Denver Draw/Property Loss Inspection Service?

1.Distinctive Property Inspections keep the construction lender updated about the progress and any potential issues that may arise during the course of construction. The inspection process identifies key areas that need attention. For example, how construction funds are being employed. We are able to achieve this through the provision of reliable reports, offering timely inspections and enhancing trust between the parties. This kind of inspection is mainly designed to reduce the risk that the lender may be exposed to. In other words, it is primarily meant to ensure that payments are released accordingly.

2.We conduct our services by reviewing payment application, construction activities on the site, completed work and quality of the work done on the site. This helps in the progress report to the clients. It increases the level of confidence of the client since we keep them updated.

3.We also help in risk avoidance and mitigation to homeowners. Our Denver home inspectors are able to identify and determine the kind of risk which may not have been noticed by the contractor. We do this to protect the borrower against any kind of litigation that may arise. Unsafe practices, hazardous conditions and any kind of attractive nuisance are identified on the site. Denver Draw/Property Loss Inspections are meant to reduce the risk and loss severity on an asset.

Distinctive Property Inspections provides the lending industry and insurance industry with residential and commercial new construction and loss verification of real estate products and services in the Denver Metro area and the Front Range. Our inspections are designed to reduce lender risk, provide a speedy draw request process and increase audit compliance, and document claims, loss, and repairs. Our process saves our customers time and money.


Distinctive’s Denver Draw & Property Loss Inspections include:

  • Detailed estimates of completion for each line item
  • Interior and exterior photos to support all estimates of completion
  • 24/7 online ordering capability
  • Denver Metro Area Coverage & surrounding areas
  • 1-3 day turn time guarantee


Distinctive Property Inspections is also known for its environmental services offering in Denver area, check it out for more details.




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