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How Does The Denver Seller Home Inspection Work?


Home inspection for sellers is offered for both commercial and residential properties. It is a necessary service during house selling process. It serves as a tool for expressing integrity and honesty of the seller to the buyer. 


It is a very important activity to sellers of homes or property. It ensures that all repairs are made before selling. A report with recommendations is issued by the inspector. This report may indicate repairs to be made in areas such as replacing the damaged flooring or painting the interior. These repairs are meant to ensure that the property is in the best condition before selling. It will, in turn, help the seller make the sale without having to offer a renovation allowance to the buyer.


The inspections are basically tailored to enhance the proper condition of the house before sale. Bathrooms, kitchen, front entrance, entryway, bedrooms, basement and home office, built in appliances, interior home, cooling, and heating system, plumbing, ventilation, and electrical system are examined in detail.  For instance, a check on the kitchen is conducted to ensure that electrical kitchen appliances are working properly to avoid fire hazard,  cabinets, countertops, and sinks are in good working conditions, windows can be easily closed and opened, the water system is okay. These might be considered as minor issues, but if left unchecked, it will cause big problems to the new home owner.


The inspection relieves the seller of possible risks in future. The house or the property is sold in good condition to the buyer. This ensures that their safety is taken care of. Such condition is confirmed by a professional inspector. The buyer is therefore protected by the fact that they relied on the information provided by the inspector. This information comes in a written report accompanied with digital photos and a detailed summary of the home inspection. Clear and concise photos of all areas of concern will ensure the accuracy of the report.  If any of these areas have been corrected,  follow-up photo may also be in the report to show that appropriate improvements have been made. Areas of concern that haven’t been corrected may also contain repair estimates provided by the seller. 


Buyers appreciate a well-maintained property. With all necessary improvements in the systems and adequate precautionary measures issued, buyers will find a good reason to buy your property. As discussed above, it is just valuable to get the service of our Denver seller home inspection team before listing your property for sale in the market. You will be guaranteed of a no-hassle and smooth selling process!


The sellers are paying for the home inspection. How do I know that I’m viewing a fair home inspection report?


Distinctive Property Inspections is not associated with any real estate agent or agency. We have no vested interest in any of the properties listed on this site. We are an unbiased, third party, certified, professional home inspection company that is a member of Inter-NACHI and adheres to their standards of practice and code of ethics. With our wide array of home inspection services such as residential inspections, new building inspections, and commercial building inspections, we can guarantee our clients that we only provide fair home inspection services.


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