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What Is Denver Home Inspection? And What Does It Entail?

A Denver Home Inspection is a service carried out to examine the conditions of a home. This examination is mainly offered by Distinctive Property Inspections, a home inspection company that offers exclusive examination on conditions of a certain home or property.

Distinctive Property Inspections, a team of experienced home inspectors knows what to look for and where to look. They will direct you to areas of concern and may recommend additional assessments. At the very least, you should feel comfortable with our inspector’s expertise and communication of the information.


Depending on the size of the home,  our team will run 2 to 5 hours and covers:

  1. Exterior/Roof – the exterior of the house is the first that anyone will notice, a rusty roof that will eventually damage a roofing system is a huge problem if not inspected and repaired immediately. This is common for houses with metal roofs. Though these are coated to prevent rust, it will deteriorate over time. 
  2. Plumbing Systems – a plumbing system is consist of pipes and fixtures where water in a household are collected or passes through. It is important to avoid clogged drains. A low water pressure, leaking faucets are minor problems but if left unchecked might cause big problems to home owners.
  3. Electrical –  faulty wirings might cause a fire. A flickering light is an indication that there’s something wrong with the electrical system. Have your electrical system check to avoid fire hazards.
  4. Mechanical Systems – a home equipment for heating in cooling should be checked to ensure that all these equipment are working properly to give the inhabitants of a home a comfortable place to live in.
  5. Structural/Foundation – whether it’s a slab or a beam, the need to have the house foundation inspected is very important. Those with crawl space are prone to molds and can easily damage with a huge volume of water.

Our home inspection checklist will provide all the details and scope of our home inspection service


A  Denver Home Inspection  is also accompanied by an  Inspection Report  that is:

  • Computer Generated
  • Professional and Comprehensive
  • Narrative in Style
  • Digital Photos Included
  • Easy-to-Read and Understand
  • Available Immediately or within 24 Hours
  • Accessible Via Internet, Emailed or Hard Copy

Please review our Sample Report.


Why choose Distinctive Property Inspection in Home Inspection in Denver?

1. We are in the business for so long, that we know that ins and outs and the latest trend and technology in the home inspection industry.

2. Our home inspectors are fully trained and certified by the state to perform a home inspection.

3. We are a member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) and American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), this ensures that we are following a national standard when it comes to home inspection.


The role of the home inspection is to bring to light any potentially serious problems covered by the inspection; the inspector works for the client and it is his responsibility to perform a complete inspection according to standard.


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