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Distinctive Property Inspections provides the purchasers of new residential and commercial properties with a detailed phase inspection process tailored to the client’s individual needs known as New Building Inspection.


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Building a new home has some incredible advantages. You can get exactly what you want and create your space in a way that buying an already completed home never can. Once you have decided on the location, plan, and builder of your new home it is essential that you find a third party to conduct a new building inspection. Hence as far as this inspection is concern Distinctive Property Inspections turn to be a sure bet when it comes to New Building Inspection in Denver area. Though you have probably chosen a builder you feel is trustworthy, there is always the possibility that necessary steps or elements can be forgotten, or constructed incorrectly. Municipal inspectors are there to check behind the builder, but are often under the stress of too many inspections and not enough time to do a thorough job. Having an uninvolved third party come in to perform a thorough inspection can save you time, money and frustration.


Denver new building inspection process has three stages; Pre-pour, Pre-drywall, and Final walk-through. Here are three essential phases that are the minimum you should consider:



At this phase of new building inspection, Distinctive Property Inspection inspector examines the underlying structure of the foundation before concrete is poured. The Home Inspector will look at elements like the grade of steel used, the proper laps of the steel, the quality of the moisture barrier, the openings for sewer lines and more. If you have custom or unusual elements like piers or fireplaces, close inspection is needed to prevent flaws that can seriously interfere with the sound construction of your new home. The foundation is the literal base of your new home, if you begin with problems, there’s a good chance the rest of the house will follow with more.



At this stage,  our home inspector checks the roughed-in plumbing and electrical work, along with the stability of the framing. Getting an inspection at this point means that any improper wiring, etc. can be fixed to the walls of your home are finished. If you wait until after the drywall is installed, you run the risk of having to cut holes to fix the problem. Not only does this cost you time and money, but it can also be difficult to repair the holes and still achieve a flawless wall.


Final walk-through

Occurs when your builder lets you know the entire home is complete, but before you close on the home. This is the same type of inspection you would experience if you were purchasing a house that was pre-owned. Our Home Inspectors will check all the systems, the roof and the foundation for any defects or problems. Make sure absolutely everything is complete before you do this inspection. You want to be sure that there are no “we’ll-get-to-it” items that could slip through the cracks before closing.


 New Building Inspection Denver includes:

  • Detailed explanation of defects and corrective action recommendations
  • Interior and exterior photos to support all recommendations
  • 24/7 online ordering capability
  • Denver Metro Area Coverage & surrounding areas
  • 1-3 day turn time guarantee


Upon the turnover of newly built homes, builders also offer a 1-year  home warranty,  to ensure the home owner that they built a quality home and is responsible for any repair for 1 year. Check out Denver Colorado New Home Warranty Inspections for more details.  



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